What Will My Child Learn at PlayWise Preschool Academy?

Language Development
•Verbalizes name, age, birth date, address, phone number
•Understands and follows direction
•Retells story in correct sequences
•Recognizes and produces rhymes
•Speaks in complete sentences
•Asks questions and participates in discussions
•Composes oral stories
•Distinguishes letter sounds in spoken word
•Enhances communication with tone and gesture

Cognitive Skills and Math
•Solves problems by estimating and checking with manipulative
•Solves problems using independent reasoning
•Creates order among objects
•Constructs a number set
Understands simple fractions
•Recognizes and writes number symbols 1-20
•Matches number sets to symbols 0-20

Creative Arts
•Enjoys expression of ideas through art
•Identifies different kinds of artistic expression
•Integrates creative art in other curricular areas

Motor Activities
•Masters appropriate gross motor skills
•Develops multi-tasking skills
•Develops eye-hand coordination
•Develops upper body strength

•Uses scientific method to solve problems
•Develops understanding of time
•Identifies days of week, months of year
•Estimates and measures using standard and non-standard measurement
•Collects and records data in graphs
•Understands concepts of weather and seasons
•Understands concepts of solar system

Reading Readiness
•Reads and writes own name
•Recognizes left to right directionality
•Recognizes top to bottom directionality
•Association between written/spoken word
•Recognizes and writes letters of alphabet
•Writes and illustrates stories
•Writes familiar words
•Builds simple words
•Identifies basic sight words

Social Science
•Understands role in society as ‘learner’
•Identifies basic needs of people
•Recognizes human similarities/differences
•Recognizes personally shared characteristics
•Recognizes the needs of different regions
•Understands the value of money
•Develops positive self-image
•Cooperates, delays gratification
•Makes appropriate choices
•Recognizes actions have consequences

Music and Movement
•Develops rhythm and tempo
•Identifies different types of music
•Identifies specific instruments and sounds
•Sings many theme-related songs
•Uses music and movement as expression