What Will My Child Learn at PlayWise Preschool Academy?

Language Arts
•Enjoys being read to
•Recalls sequence and details of a story
•Recognizes relationship between written/spoken word
•Develops vocabulary of 2000-4000 words
•Retells a simple story
•Uses appropriate sentence structure
•Identifies rhyming words
•Understands writing is form of communication
•Prints first name
•Develops process writing skills
•Identifies alphabet letters
•Matches letters to appropriate sounds
•Recalls songs, stories, finger-plays, poems
•Knows full name and age

Character Traits
Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Fairness Helpfulness, Honesty, Integrity, Patience, Pride, Respect, Responsibility, Self-reliance

Creative Arts
•Freely chooses materials
•Uses art as self-expressions
•Enjoys expressing ideas through art materials
•Identifies different kinds of art mediums
•Develops unique uses of materials

Cognitive Skills/Math
•Identifies colors, shapes, sizes, and weight
•Develops classification skills
•Forms sets of like and different elements
•Completes patterns
•Sorts by 3 attributes
•Develops skill sin data collection, classification
•Sequences by size and recognizes order
•Matches one-to-one
•Understands concepts of more or less
•Understands basic elements of time and calendar

Music and Movement
•Develops body awareness
•Develops rhythm and tempo
•Identifies different types of music
•Identifies specific instruments/sound
•Sings many theme related songs
•Uses music as a form of self-expression

Motor Skills
•Develops Upper body strength
•Masters appropriate gross motor skills
•Develops multi-tasking skills
•Develops eye-hand coordination

Social Science
•Develops strategies for expressing ideas
•Develops self-