What are your hours of operation?
8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

What are the ages of students?
We accept children ages three to six. Children need to be three years old by the end of October that registration year.

Do teachers have a degree in education or related field?
Yes! Our teachers are amazing and many have master’s degrees and National Board certification as well. Our assistants have experience working with young children and have strong credentials.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?
Yes.  We assist and encourage children to use the restrooms often while at school and we will help with all toileting needs. We will work with you and your child’s needs, but they need to be successful and independent when using the bathroom without diapers or pull-ups.

Will Playwise Preschool Academy prepare my child for kindergarten?
Yes! We use a literature-based phonics program. Our lessons are theme-based with a whole language approach. Math Their Way curriculum is implemented and hands-on math and science activities are taught in small groups. Our students will be prepared for the fast-paced kindergarten curriculum because we will provide them with the skills and confidence to succeed!

Do you offer field trips?
Yes! We will experience a field trip each year! We are excited about our adventures and will inform parents of our trips, dates, and details in our monthly newsletters!

Are there any special programs throughout the year?
Yes! We have offered our fun Scholastic Book Fair, end-of-year family themed event, storytelling with librarians, Halloween parade, Winter Wonderland show, hands-on animal study with Latta Plantation, Taradiddle Children’s Theater Actors performance, firefighters, police, dentists, field day, etc. (included in tuition fees already). Enrichment programs vary per year.

Do you provide playground play?
Yes! We provide daily opportunities for large motor play on our beautiful playground or in our indoor rec. center! Rain or shine, children have opportunities to channel their natural energy in positive ways: ball playing, woodworking, riding toys, obstacle course, climbing equipment, hopscotch, sand and water play. Large motor games such as parachutes, bean bags, hula hoops, yoga, freeze dance, and teacher-directed exercises are fun!

Do the children eat snack each day?
Yes, children learn independence, measurement, socialization techniques/manners, literacy skills and nutrition during snack time. They are in charge of cleaning up their supplies when done. Due to an overhelming response with our parent surveys, and dangers regarding various different allergy restrictions, we decided to allow our families to send in their child’s favorite healthy snacks. (More info. to follow at orientation)

Do Morning Pre-K and TK children bring their lunches each day?
Yes! Morning pre-K and Transitional K children bring their lunches and drink packed in a lunch box, tote or bag. We assist in meal preparation when necessary. We have a refrigerator and microwave, if needed. Children learn socialization skills, independence, manners, and etiquette while eating with their friends. Note: We are a peanut and tree nut-free school – more info. To follow at orientation) Our Morning 3’s and Afternoon Pre-K do not bring their lunch to school. They eat lunch at home. They continue to bring their snack with them (cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, granola bars, mini-sandwich/bagels, gummies, crackers, veggies, etc.)

Can my child attend preschool during the summer?
Yes! We are open for summer camp. Our students attend Sept. through May. Then, we offer summer camp for the months of June and July. Please contact us for more information about our wonderful summer programs!

Do you follow Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools calendar?
Yes, we follow the CMS School calendar for holidays, workdays and vacations. However, our first day of school is the day after labor day and our last day of school is before Memorial Day.

Is there a registration fee?
Yes. $140 enrollment fee is required with new registration forms.