Our Philosophy

We offer a unique combination of an academic curriculum and center-based learning through play.   Affectionate, competent adults and an interesting, explorable environment are the very heart of our quality program.  We have a clear understanding of how children construct and acquire knowledge. We use our potential to be more effective by understanding how and why children behave and learn as they do.  We give equal attention to all aspects of child development:  nourishing positive self-esteem, physical coordination, a curious mind, and social competence.

Small group instruction is ideal for young children.  Individualized attention in a caring, safe environment will instill confidence to face academic tasks in a fast-paced public school classroom.  We ensure a love of learning and curiosity while strongly encouraging their best!  Our type of learning environment is best for a shy child who may need a smaller group to feel comfortable.  It’s also ideal for a child who needs additional help focusing on tasks and working on basic skills needed for school success.  It’s an excellent place for a high achiever who may feel ‘bored’ in a large program that ‘teaches to the group’ instead of individuals.

Public school kindergarten programs are fast-paced, and filled with reading and math assessments.  We will ensure our children are confidently prepared for the challenges ahead.  We know what is expected of them in kindergarten and work towards achieving their goals with success.